Seafight bots ENGLISH


List of bots available:
■ Gold Bot
■ tentacles Bot
■ Bot Behemoth raid
■ Shining medallion Bot
■ Take the first shot
■ repair
■ automatic reentry Bonus Map

Gold bot

Gold Bot to swashbuclers, Santa Lucias, emeralds and Trinity … with up to 30 million per hour if you’re full boat (always hollow, recommended oars)


Search tentacles being the wreck or alive, if we select the option to make them alive, after each undimiento reaparara (1000 living, ideal for premiums and make points with guns elite Admiral). Search tentacles by two rows of whole maps (8 different maps) map changing when the primary current map. Ideal to take many pearls and experience rapidly rising elite. Also if you get up on your map many crystals.

Behemoth Raid / Shining

Will firing and sinking ships map the different raid / Shining repaired when life gets too low. Ideal to take many pearls and crystals. Just leave the boat well loaded with hollow.

Take the first shot

This bot is the crown jewel of the war. Will automatically shoot whatever is selected, pressing the key will attack 100 times per second, which guarantees to be the first to take the shot in 90% of the time. If you select an enemy out of reach, as we approach the’ll shoot you first always giving you a good advantage. If you go too far and then come back to get close, do not automatically trigger again, and also with bugs or anything you select with the mouse.

While attacking ships //bugs repair
Bot saving time on repairs, also useful for such ships Admiral Lucia, and that repairs between shots, thus cutting tb shot.

You can set the time between bursts or between harpoons to repair during that interval.

NO REPAIR IS FASTER THAN NORMALLY REPARARAS however lets you track bugs or boats while doing repair for you.

Spend scrolls enters only in the next scroll.

When just a scroll, full repaired and enters the next scroll. Recommended for use in maps 1 or its defcto on maps where NPCs would not attack you.


Bot Amount
Gold € 30
Take the shot € 15
Repair € 15
Bonus map € 15
Raid € 15
Tentacles € 15

* Special prices for packs.

Orders and payment methods:

To order, apply at you will be informed of the account number to enter. Payment by paypal or bank transfer account.

For any other payment or queries you can contact in the same direction.


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Bots para el Seafight
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